First Blogiversary

Today marks the first birthday of Driving Out The Snakes. I would like to thank my regular readers (both of you) for your friendship and support. This is post #440.

When I started the blog I was not exactly sure where it would lead. All I've done is write what's on my mind. Sometimes that means reacting to current events, and at other times I've been more introspective. Whether anyone out there actually finds my ramblings interesting, I can only hope.

With a year of experience I now have several ideas for possible improvements. Suggestions are welcome. One of my goals is to have more of my own original writing and less quoting of other people. This may mean I post a little less frequently, but hopefully you will find it more interesting.

Thanks again to everyone for reading, and also to the many other bloggers who unwittingly gave me inspiration and source material. To celebrate, here are a few of my personal favorite posts from the last year.

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