Bella is Worth the Wait

I promised I would report back on the movie Bella after I saw it. Mrs. Driving Out The Snakes and I managed to sneak out this weekend long enough to visit a brand new theater where Bella had just opened.

After seeing reviews like this one from Barb Nicolosi I must say I was a little concerned. Apparently some people are a annoyed about the extensive PR campaign the producers have staged in Catholic and other Christian media. I get their point, having heard or read the same story several times in different places the last few weeks. I was convinced after the first time.

That said, I can't blame the producers for trying to promote their film however they can. When you don't have the budget to run much advertising or offer free action figures at Burger King, working through the media is the most cost-effective way to get the word around.

As for the movie itself, I liked it a lot. So did Mrs. D.O.T.S. The romantic story is touching and unfolds in an interesting way. The pro-life message is not at all pushy or moralistic. The Latino family scenes really show what a loving home is like. There are a few holes in the plot and some things that don't make logical sense. It's still well worth seeing, far better than the other dreck that comes out of Hollywood these days. I'm looking forward to more and even better films from Metanoia.

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