War of the Worlds

Last weekend I read what may be the most thought-provoking blog post of the year, which came from The Catholic Knight. Here's how it starts.

Let's suppose you're God. Now let's suppose you (as God) are trying to deal with the present world. There are two undeniable and unchangeable characteristics about your personality. On the one side, you're all holy and you exercise absolute justice. On the other side, you are all love and you exercise total mercy. You, being the God of nature, have decreed homosexuality to be an abomination because it completely thwarts the procreative processes you designed. You, being the God of life, have decreed abortion an absolute crime against humanity, because once again it thwarts procreation, but worse it does it through murder.

Now, after considering all of this, I have just one question for you. What do you (as God) do with Western civilization?

For two-thousand years, the gospel of your Son (Jesus Christ) has echoed through Europe. For over five-hundred years, the same Gospel has spread throughout the Americas and into the South Pacific. Yet it would appear that the governments of nearly all these regions are enacting policies that fund abortion and encourage homosexuality, even punishing those who object to them.

Now consider this. On the other side of the world, you have a large group of people (about a billion of them) who essentially reject the Gospel of your Son (Jesus Christ) but at least acknowledge his existence as a holy prophet. I'm talking about Muslims. They abhor abortion, homosexuality, and all the other immoralities the Western world currently promotes.

So I ask you again. If you are the all holy, and all merciful God; What do you do?


He concludes that Islam may be to Christianity what the Philistines were to ancient Israel. The comparison is apt. The entire Old Testament can be summarized like this: 1) God gives Israel, His people, great gifts; 2) The people are initially grateful; 3) They become jaded and apathetic; 4) Prophets call Israel to repentance; 5) The prophets are ignored; 6) God uses pagans to punish Israel until it repents; 7) Go to step 1 and repeat.

The implication of this is that, contrary to what we in the West like to think, God is not on our side against Islam. He is using Islam to get our attention. Until we get the message, we will continue to be challenged and attacked. We will not win the Global War On Terror with military force. We will not win until we change our culture. How?

Individual Christians can help by simply obeying the precepts of the Christian religion -- one of which is to "be fruitful and multiply." Such obedience flies in the face of modern Secularism and Western sensibilities. Christians face an uphill battle, with Islam nipping at their heels all the way.
To defy Secular Western culture is to obey God and thus save the very culture we defy. To surrender to the status quo is to eventually submit to Islam. It may not happen tomorrow, but it will happen someday, and when it does, we'll only have ourselves to blame. It's an interesting time we find ourselves in.

Read the whole post. It's worth your time.

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