Seven Babies, One Coffin

This post hurts.

The tiny coffin in the picture below contains the bodies of seven aborted babies. The remains were found in a garbage dumpster outside an abortion clinic in Michigan. The rescuers named them: Rachael, Joshua, Victoria, Adam, Mary, Jacob, and Grace.

We do not know why the parents of these babies decided to abort them. Maybe they had no choice. Maybe they were misled. Or maybe they knew exactly what they were doing. It doesn't matter. What we know is that seven of God's children had no chance at life. But thanks to some wonderful people, at least they had a proper burial. Here are pictures of the funeral mass in Detroit. (Note: the link had lots of photos so it may take time to download.)

Abortion clinics wish to avoid such spectacles so they normally incinerate the babies as "medical waste." Somehow these seven slipped through. They represent many more.

Take a good look at that picture. This is what "freedom" gives us. It is the result of "choice."
Rachael, Joshua, Victoria, Adam, Mary, Jacob, and Grace did not die from a disease. They were not killed in accidents. Their lives were taken from them. They had no choice.

Rest in peace, little ones.

A Death in Cleveland

Anthony Waters didn't like to walk on busy streets in Cleveland because people sometimes threw rocks and yelled obscenities at him, his mother said.

So whenever Waters walked from the homeless shelter where he lived to his mother's house near Broadway, he cut through an industrial area until he got to East 55th Street, she said. Then he took side streets to get to his final destination.

On Wednesday night, his walk was fatally interrupted.

At least three teens beat Waters about 9:15 p.m. while he was in the 3000 block of East 55th, outside the G&M Towing Co., police said.

Waters suffered a lacerated spleen and broken ribs. He died at MetroHealth Medical Center from injuries he suffered in the attack, police said. MORE

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

I suspect Anthony Waters now has a Home where no one throws rocks or yells at him. As for those who so viciously took his life: may God have mercy on their souls. I do not think I could.

Vatican Home Theater

I think they should call in the Geek Squad next time.

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Moloch, Inc. Rolls Out New Brand

From today's Wall Street Journal:

Flush with cash, Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide are aggressively expanding their reach, seeking to woo more affluent patients with a network of suburban clinics and huge new health centers that project a decidedly upscale image.

The nonprofit, which traces its roots to 1916, has long focused on providing birth control, sexual-health care and abortions to teens and low-income women. While those groups still make up the majority of Planned Parenthood's patients, executives say they are "rebranding" their clinics to appeal to women of means -- a move that opens new avenues for boosting revenue and, they hope, political clout.

Two elegant new health centers have been built, and at least five more are on the way; the largest, in Houston, will be 75,000 square feet. They feature touches such as muted lighting, hardwood floors and airy waiting rooms in colors selected by marketing experts -- as well as walls designed to withstand a car's impact should an antiabortion protest turn violent.

Planned Parenthood has also opened more than two dozen quick-service "express centers," many in suburban shopping malls. Some sell jewelry, candles, books and T-shirts, along with contraception.

"It is indeed a new look...a new branding, if you will," said Leslie Durgin, a senior vice president at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. MORE

All your church are belong to us

I'm not totally sure what to make of this very strange video, but it is definitely interesting.

If you are really confused after watching, this may help.

Hat tip to Mark Shea

Feline Evangelism

Hi folks. I'm still on my Blog Break. However the following photo was so touching I had to share it with you.

If only we all had such zeal. More cat missionary photos here.

I must say the members of this new order seem very dedicated. They have a project underway to translate the entire Bible into their language, as well as a philosophical argument for the existence of Ceiling Cat.

Peace and happy summer to all. I'll be back soon.