Ron Paul Hits The Jackpot

From the LA Times:

The Texas congressman with the sharp libertarian bent thanked his supporters Wednesday for what is one of the best single-day fundraising totals in presidential campaign history. He insisted the event is not an anomaly but a sign of real progress, a claim supported by several Web commentators.

"Amazing! I have to admit being floored by the $4.2 million you raised yesterday for this campaign," Paul wrote to his supporters, adding: "What momentum we have! Please help me keep it up. As you and I know, and our opponents are only suspecting, we have success on our minds and in our hearts."

Mainstream Republicans and conservatives are still having a hard time figuring out how to handle Ron Paul and his supporters. I think I know what the problem is: Dr. Paul actually believes the things he says. He doesn't lie and pander to attract an audience. This is so unusual in politics today that the audience is actually finding him.

I first heard Ron Paul speak in 1985. He had the same message then that he does now. There is no other candidate in the race with a comparable record of consistency and honesty. Few people agree with him on everything - but people from all perspectives seem to find something they like.

The promoters of realpolitick want me to get aboard with somebody who is not "on the fringe." What's sad about this is that it is considered strange for a presidential candidate to have real principles that aren't subject to compromise. Unfortunately, most of the voters don't have principles. What they do have is a short memory - which is why we keep electing people we regret.

People say they want "change," then go tell the pollsters they're backing one of the candidates who offer nothing but "more of the same, only better."

If you really want change, do something radical and support Ron Paul.

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