A Worthy Cause

Scroll down on my main blog page and you'll see a new resident in the sidebar: a fund-raising link for the Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation. CABF does excellent work for families who deal with this terrible illness. May is National Mental Health Month and they could really use your help.

Even if you can't donate, check out the CABF web site and learn about pediatric bipolar disorder. I'm not talking about ADD or teenage angst. Bipolar is a serious mental illness that destroys lives. With medication and intensive therapy it can be managed, but there is no cure.

Think about this: Cho Seung-Hui was obviously mentally ill almost from birth. Had he received appropriate treatment early in his life, all those people at Virginia Tech might be alive today. Helping people with psychiatric problems may be expensive. Not helping them costs even more.

St. Dymphna says thank you for your support.

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