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Leticia at Causa Nostrae Laetitiae recounts a conversation she had with her Congressperson and an audience of retirees. She brought along her daughter who has Down's Syndrome. I think this is a wonderful story for Mother's Day - from a mother defending not only her only child, but others as well.

Right after the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban vote (he voted against the ban) I showed up a packed meeting he had with the wealthy senior citizens of Westhampton. I brought Christina, a toddler at that time, and they were vociferously detailing their worries about Social Security when we entered the room. What do they use their checks for, to pay their fees at the country club? I wondered. I thought they would never calm down enough for me to speak to the Congressman about abortion.

Then, Christina did an interesting thing, she began to giggle. A wave of attention, none of it positive, was focused on us, and angry eyes bored into us. I seized my advantage, and burst into the conversation, "Congressman Bishop, your constituents here seem to be upset by my daughter's laughter, so let me speak my piece, and I'll be out of your way."

Congressman Bishop nodded, and I brought Christina with me to the front of the room, partially out of fear of the other people in the room, and as a helpful prop for my talk.

"This week, you voted against a ban on Partial Birth Abortion, and I wanted to let you know that 90% of unborn babies with Down Syndrome are aborted, many late term as it takes a while to see the amnio results and schedule the abortion. This means each year, thousands of children like my daughter here, are cruelly killed in this procedure. Don't you think that my daughter here deserves a chance to live like the rest of us did?"

The Congressman was dumbfounded, and fumbled for words, while an irate constituent screamed, "Why don't you shut up and sit down?!"

I turned to Congressman Bishop and asked him, "Is that your opinion as well, that I should shut up and sit down?"

Naturally, he denied this, and I went on, "I see what my daughter is capable of, and the joy she has brought into my family's life, and I want to urge you to vote pro-life next time, and give these children a chance to live their parents' lives."

Another bitter old man, couldn't take it any more, and challenged me, "You Catholics always say that, but are you willing to pay for these children once they're born?"

"I never said I was a Catholic, but I'm glad it shows! " I replied cheerily, "To answer your question, my husband and I support about 25 of his family members back in El Salvador, and we're convinced that's enough."

Congressman Bishop had barely uttered a sound and the crowd was getting outright hostile, so I took my cue, and wrapped it up saying, "I am a teacher, and look out on classrooms with 30% fewer students thanks to legalized abortion for the last 30 years. If you're worried about your Social Security checks, thank abortion.You've aborted the young workers who would be contributing to this bankrupt system."

By now the crowd was dangerously riled, and I sent out my parting shot over my shoulder, as I left the room, "You are all uncomfortable, because in your heart of hearts, you know I'm right!"

Bravo, Leticia. You are a brave woman and we need more like you. Check out her blog for more good stuff.

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Leticia said...

Thank you for the kind words, standing up to Congressman Bishop made me feel GREAT!