How To Be A Rebel

For some reason many people are compelled to be "different." They want to chart their own path, do their own thing, discover themselves.

Ok, fine. Given the current state of American culture, being "different" isn't such a bad idea. Here are thirteen rebellious acts that will definitely take you out of the mainstream.

  1. Stop watching TV, especially cable TV.
  2. Read a newspaper every day.
  3. Get married, stay married, and avoid sex outside of marriage.
  4. Don't pretend that oral sex isn't really sex.
  5. Have more than two children with the same spouse.
  6. Instead of going to Starbucks, give $5 to a beggar on the street.
  7. Go to church, any church, weekly.
  8. When you go to church, dress better than you do on other days.
  9. When in public, wear clothing that covers your body.
  10. Vote in obscure local elections.
  11. Go to "G" rated movies.
  12. Listen to classical music.
  13. Give money to a charity that really helps the poor.
None of these are especially difficult tasks, but do just half of them and you'll stick out like a sore thumb in our society. Give it a shot and see how "different" you can be.

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