A Scene From Schindler's List

That is how one commenter described this story from the UK Evening Standard. It concerns a study of 3,189 medical abortions performed at several British hospitals. These were fetuses that had been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome or some other condition that made their survival problematic. Now it is my belief that such babies are still valuable and should be allowed their chance at life. That is not, however, the most horrible part of the story.

Here it is: 1 in 30 of the abortions in this study resulted in a live baby emerging from the mother. They lived an average of 80 minutes after birth, and in some cases suffered for as long as six hours before dying.

Theoretically, when a baby survives an abortion attempt it is entitled to live-saving care, but you have to wonder how hard the abortionist will work to save this life he was just trying to end. I suspect many are just left alone to suffer and die.

Another question is exactly how it is even possible for so many abortions not to work. Here is the explanation.

Most of the abortions studied were medical abortions. These involve a women being given a series of pills, taken in two doses two days apart.

The first dose, a single tablet of mifepristone, blocks the pregnancy hormones that normally ensure the womb's lining holds on to the fertilised egg. The second dose, of four tablets containing hormone-like prostaglandins, triggers contractions and a miscarriage.

The death of the baby is a result of the trauma of the early birth, rather than the tablets itself, meaning, in rare occasions, some babies may survive the process.

From 22 weeks, the tablets should be preceded by a lethal injection into the baby's heart to ensure the baby is dead before the procedure goes any further.

If these babies are born alive, it suggests they weren't given the heart-stopping injection - perhaps because the doctor thought it would have been too traumatic for the mother. The figures follow several studies which show that babies born at 23 and 24 weeks are capable of surviving. MORE

Lethal injection into the heart? This doesn't sound like a very humane process. Even condemned killers get an easier death than these handicapped babies.

It's also important to note that these are babies who already have serious problems. If 3% of them survive, what about the healthy babies who are aborted? How many of them are born alive? Probably more than 3%, and their odds of survival are even slimmer since elective abortions are usually not done in a hospital.

There are approximately 1.5 million abortions in the U.S. each year. If 3% of them are born alive, then 45,000 aborted babies every year survive their first execution attempt. They go on to die horrible, painful deaths - alone, abandoned by those whose actions gave them life.

This, my friends, is the civilization we are fighting to save from the Axis of Evil. Aren't you proud?

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