Reverse Racism

In South Carolina, a schoolteacher found herself the subject of constant racial insults from her middle school students. School administrators stood by and watched. Think we're past such things? Hardly. This case is a little different, though. The teacher was white and the students black.

The teacher, whose name is Elizabeth Kandrac, finally filed civil rights complaints and then sued the school district. A jury found in her favor and she settled with the school district for damages.

Let's be clear: What these children called this teacher is beyond reprehensible and could be only be construed as hostile and threatening.

Back in the day, if a pupil had talked the way these did, he or she would have received a well-deserved thwack, been suspended and sent home to face the wrath of a parent. That process likely would have put a swift end to the tribal tyranny now often tolerated in the service of self-esteem.Here's a sample: white b----, white m----- f-----, white c---, white a------, white ho.

Other white teachers and pupils corroborated Kandrac's account, including a male war veteran who testified he would rather return to Vietnam than to Brentwood.

Kandrac's attorney, Larry Kobrovsky, argued that the repeated use of "white" made these slurs racist in nature. But school officials insisted that because black pupils were equally abusive to other blacks, the language wasn't inherently racist.

Here's what we know without question: If white pupils had used similar language toward black pupils and teachers, the case would have been plastered on the front page of the New York Times until heads rolled.

A black Kandrac would have a million-dollar book deal, a movie contract and hundreds of interviews to juggle. Her oppressors and those who passively facilitated her abuse would have been pilloried by the media -- their faces all over the evening news -- while Revs. Al and Jesse organized protests.

But a white Kandrac -- who faced a daily barrage of insults, who had books and desks thrown at her and her bicycle tires punctured -- was treated like an incompetent wimp. She was just a lousy teacher out for money, the defense attorney said.

Though Kandrac lost her job, the real losers are the children deprived of an education by the actions of a tyrannical few. And the worst racists are those teachers and administrators who denied these empowered brats the expectation of civilized behavior. MORE (Hat tip: Mark Shea)

Meanwhile, Mark Gordon at Suicide of the West reports on disturbing statistics about crime and race. Among white women who were raped in 2005, 33.6% of the offenders were black. Extrapolating from this brings a disturbing conclusion:

African-Americans are 12% of the population of the United States. Roughly 50% of that population is male. This means that 6% of our population accounts for 50.1% of all rapes committed and 33.6% of rapes committed against white women. What do you suppose the connections might be between these statistics and a.) the prevalence of a multiculturalist ideology that excuses criminality by perpetuating a victim-mentality among African-Americans, and b.) the continued popularity of hip-hop as an expression of the violence and hyper-sexuality that pervades black urban culture? MORE

All good questions. Anyone out there have the answers?

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