Theory of Everything

The always-thoughtful Amy Welborn has unveiled her comprehensive "Theory of Everything." It's a long post but well worth reading. A few key points:

Everything will eventually go haywire.

Therefore, it is safest to have deeply-rooted, concrete, content-rich, standards and reference points expressive of tradition as our framework in order to keep us even within shouting distance of the original vision, aka The Truth...

The more I study history, the more I am convinced that the story of humanity is not so much progress but a succession of human screw-ups with different technologies, that's all.

The vast majority of us will always seek the broader road, we will seek to rationalize our way out of taking religious ideals seriously (Oh, what Jesus really meant was...), we will convince ourselves that faith is a matter of fitting God into our life, rather than shaping our own life around God. We will do this.

Therefore, any system, any organization that seeks to, well, organize us in our efforts needs to work with this reality, to take it into account. MORE

From there she goes on to suggest that, since we humans, left to our own devices, can always be counted on to screw things up, we need an anchor. We need a rock of truth to hold on to or we will all be blown into chaos. That rock is, or should be, the church. It's not entirely clear if modern churches are ready to fill this role.

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