Perks for Rudy

If we are to believe the media, Rudy Giuliani is now deadlocked with John McCain for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. Given that the first primaries are over a year away, I am not yet convinced that the race is over. For now, Rudy is still a private citizen. Good thing, too, because he makes a lot of money delivering speeches.

The Smoking Gun recently acquired a copy of Giuliani's standard speech arrangements. The fee is $100,000 and that is just the beginning. Rudy travels first class. Look what else the contract demands. [My comments are in brackets.]

  • Client shall provide Mr. Giuliani with first class travel expenses for up to 5 people, to include a private plane, roundtrip... Please note that the private plane MUST BE a Gulfstream IV or bigger. [A Gulfstream IV is a NICE plane. Look here.]
  • Client agrees to provide Mr. Giuliani with a pre-registered, large two bedroom, non-smoking suite with a king-size bed, on an upper floor, with a balcony and view if applicable. Client also agrees to reserve 4 single rooms on the same floor as the suite... Client agrees to pay for all meals and incidental expenses incurred by Mr. Giuliani and his staff during their stay... [I doubt they will be eating at McDonald's].
  • Please note that Mr. Giuliani requests that all room accommodations be registered under the name Diana Haidary. [Who is this?]
  • Mr. Giuliani prefers not to participate in candid photo opportunities. [He might be caught saying something embarrassing.]
  • Mr. Giuliani reserves the right to participate in political events and/or private business ventures to include book signings during his stay in the event city. [After the speech is over, it's vacation time!]
This is all fine - no one is forcing people to bring Rudy to their events. Other famous people have similar arrangements. It does, however, seem inconsistent with the blue collar, regular-guy image Giuliani proponents like to showcase. Of course should he become president his travel arrangements will make this look like a walk in the park.

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