Schoolgirl Wrestling

Rod Dreher reports on the disturbing trend of high school girls wrestling. Now if the girls were wrestling each other, this might be ok, at least as long as no mud is involved. However thanks to insane ideas of political correctness and a shortage of interested girls, most of them end up wrestling with boys.

Aside from the obvious problems of allowing hormone-crazed teenage boys to sweat and, ahem, rub themselves against the girls in front of a live audience, there are bigger issues: order to muster the psychological wherewithal to compete on equal footing with a female wrestler, Rich Wood [a male wrestler] has to overcome deep cultural conditioning that will have taught him to think of women as persons men should exert physical labor to protect, not to conquer. The powerful and invaluable taboo that says men must never hit women will need to be eroded somewhat so Rich Wood can compete. Ten, twenty years from now, when Rich Wood is having a terrible argument with his wife or girlfriend, one wonders if it will be that much easier for him to give in to the temptation to strike her. MORE

The feminists who push for these kind of things are also the first to blame all men because a few men become abusive toward women. Now they are trying to create more abusive men? This is one of the nuttiest things I have ever heard. If your kids attend a school where this is happening, take them out. Now. It is a sign of much deeper problems.

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