Children of Men

A new movie called Children of Men sounds very interesting. I have not actually seen it but the premise is fascinating.

Imagine this: it is the year 2027 and humans have lost the ability to reproduce. No one can get pregnant. There are no more kids. The youngest people alive are now in their 20s. School buildings sit empty while society descends into a chaotic hopelessness. There is no future for mankind.

This whole idea gives me the chills, frankly but it's not too far off from what Western civilization is in the process of doing to itself. Apparently in the film there is a glimmer of hope for humanity. There is no such hope for societies like Russia and most of Europe, where low birth rates are inexorably leading these societies toward extinction. The U.S. isn't far behind.

Of course, in the real world some humans are reproducing, and rapidly. Among this group the most popular name for newborn boys is "Mohammed." That particular society has a bright long-term future. Hopefully this film will help people wake up to where we are headed. It is almost too late.

Here is a particularly interesting review of Children of Men.

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