Pole-Dancing Moms

On Thursday I wrote about moms who think their job is to make their daughters look sexy. Today Rod Dreher blogs about the latest suburban insanity: pole-dancing parties. Women used to enjoy gathering together to look at Tupperware. Now they teach each other how to act like strippers. Presumably their new knowledge will be passed on to the daughters eventually.

I can't possibly say this any better than Rod does, so here is his conclusion:

It's just so comical -- unleashing the sexual kitten inside flabby, overpermed suburban matrons -- that you (well, I) can barely work up the outrage. Then again, if Viagra can turn Homer Simpson into Fabio, at least in his own mind, this is to be expected? You can apparently convince women to accept anything as long as you shellack it with a feminist gloss and call it empowering. Why are people so eager to cast off their personal dignity? This has mystified me for a few years, as readers of my 2002 "Rampant Rabbit, Licking Lizard" piece in NRO will remember (the piece was about the phenomenon of suburban and small-town sex toy and lubrication parties). I'm not particularly interested in whether or not lovers slather their stiffened giblets with fragrant unguents, poke each other with blenders, or gad about their bedchambers like pole dancers. Fine, knock yourself out, just don't frighten the horses.

What does interest me is the willingness to take what was more or less outlaw behavior and domesticate it. When middle class women are willing to ape strippers in their living rooms, and pass around dildos and lubricant as they once did Tupperware, something very strange is up. more

Something strange, indeed. This is still more evidence of what I keep saying: we in the West are now re-enacting the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. We enjoy our bread and circuses while our leaders commit ever-greater acts of evil. God help us.

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