Disco Church

The Anglican church - which we know in the US as Episcopal - is in the process of splitting itself into pieces, mainly over the issue of ordaining gay clergy. The following is from an Episcopal leader in New York about a recent church experience.

The Sunday after General Convention I returned to my home parish for Gay Pride Sunday and participated in a Disco Mass for which gays and lesbians turned out in force. The opening hymn was a beautiful jazz rendition of “Over the Rainbow.” Musical offerings came from gay men in sequined tank tops and from the Director of Music who was ushered into the service singing a disco number complete with Go-Go girls. The queen of St. Mark’s appeared in full drag to deliver the homily and the closing hymn was, Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family.” As I stood singing among straight men and women, young parents with their children, gays and lesbians, teenagers in hip hop clothing, Asians, whites, African Americans and Spanish speaking people I realized I was part of the realm of God and I was glad to be there - in a place where God’s creation of a new thing was being lived out.

At first I thought this must be a joke but apparently it's real. Having never been to an Episcopal service, I don't know if they are always this enthusiastic and diverse. It sounds like quite a spectacle.

Personally, I go to church to cleanse my soul, worship God, and find peace. Seeing a drag queen deliver the homily is not exactly helpful in that regard. A lot of people seem to agree, since Episcopal church membership has been falling for years. Gay bishops ought to be the least of their worries.

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