The ANS Frenzy

In the last two days Fox News Channel has transformed itself from a Fair & Balanced new source into the All Anna Nicole Smith, All The Time Channel. Other media outlets are not far behind.

I am sorry Ms. Smith passed away and sympathize with those who loved her. May the Lord grant her Peace. I am mildly curious how Ms. Smith died, but am content to wait for the autopsy report. I do not feel any need to listen to everyone who ever saw her cross the street describe their memories, nor do I have any interest in who is or is not the father of her child. The fact that there is even any question about the child's paternity is sad, actually. Babies should not be born into such confusion.

In this I am apparently a minority in this country. The media professes noble motives of giving us Important & Serious news, but the truth is they are in the business of selling advertising. To do this they need the biggest possible audience. Because the Anna Nicole Smith story relates two of our favorite subjects, 1) sex and 2) money, Americans are drawn to it like flies to honey. The media is giving us what we want to see, hear, and read.

So I am declaring an immediate Anna Nicole Smith news fast. I will not watch, read, or listen to any further coverage of her death. If you feel likewise, please join me in turning our attention to more important news.

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