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Leticia from Causa Nostrae Laetitiae has this interesting story from her time as a public school teacher.

I was teaching bilingual US history. We were studying how a bill becomes law. The class was Congress, and as, the President, I could veto any bill they passed. Now, what kind of law would you expect teenagers to pass? Lower the drinking age, perhaps?

The first law was open immigration. OK, that I expected. The second law was to outlaw abortion, giving a life sentence to the mother, and the death penalty to the abortionist. This passed 29 to 1, with the only 'nea' coming from Maria, who was the only student from Europe, not Latin America. "Maria, you are intelligent, why can't you see that abortion is murder?" her classmate argued. I told the students not to listen to their other teachers, they already knew MUCH more than they. MORE

The immigrant kids sound like they have a much better moral compass than a lot of native-born Americans. Unfortunately it won't stay with them for long. This is one area where assimilation into our society will not be to their benefit.

I highlighted another of Leticia's stories here a few weeks ago.

UPDATE 7/2/07: I wish to clarify that I am NOT in favor of prison for women who have abortions. Maybe in some cases, with women who are very irresponsible and have repeated abortions, some kind of sanction would be in order. Most of the women who have abortions are confused and misled. Those who perform abortions for money, however, are nothing less than murderers in my opinion, and should be treated as such.

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Leticia said...

Thanks for the quote. Those kids were amazing. I don't approve of jail time for the mother either, just the abortionist. The mothers are in crisis and need confession and healing. The doctors need to fear for their immortal souls.