Impeachment Support Growing

Professor Bainbridge reports on some startling survey results: 46% of U.S. voters would approve of the House beginning impeachment proceedings against President Bush. I knew his approval ratings were low but this is amazing.

I don't expect the House to do any such thing, but I wouldn't rule it out. At this point Bush can't count on Congressional Republicans to defend him. Democrats haven't done anything, I suspect, mainly because Pelosi and other leaders calculate that they are better off letting Bush twist in the wind. Also, a successful impeachment of Bush would simply make Dick Cheney our president, which is the last thing anyone wants.

Of course, they could impeach both Bush and Cheney. Who becomes president then? The Speaker of the House is next in line. Here the speculation gets really interesting. If it started to look like the Senate would actually remove Bush and Cheney, and Pelosi as president was seen by Democrats as unpalatable, I could see her stepping aside temporarily. The House Democrats would then select someone else as Speaker, and that person would ascend to the presidency after Bush and Cheney were removed.

Who would it be? The Constitution doesn't require that the Speaker be a member of the House, though that has always been the case in practice. The House Democrats, being a majority, would be in a position to pick most anyone they wish. The back-room dealing would no doubt be intense. I know this sounds far-fetched, but before 2000 who would have thought the Electoral College outcome would depend on hanging chads in Florida? Strange things can happen. Just remember you heard it here first. :)

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