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As desperate so-called conservatives beg Fred Thompson to enter the presidential race, his credentials as Last Best Hope Of The Right continue to crumble. Two new items have just emerged.

First, it seems that Fred lobbied the White House on behalf of a pro-abortion group in 1991. His spokesman issued a flat denial that any such thing ever happened. Yet according to press accounts, there are multiple witnesses who remember Thompson's extensive involvement. His engagement is also shown on the minutes of the pro-abortion group's board meeting.

If Thompson had a long record of outspoken pro-life views, I might give him the benefit of the doubt on this. His Senate voting record was fine on this issue. On the other hand, his past statements do not suggest a deeply held conviction about life issues. Someone who declines to say whether he believes life begins at conception isn't pro-life.

It may be that Thompson previously supported abortion rights and has since changed his mind. Many people have made that journey. If that is the case, he would be well advised to say so publicly instead of maintaining this facade that he has been pro-life always. It is becoming very hard to believe.

The second item has to do with Thompson's involvement in the Watergate investigation. He was a congressional staffer during the inquiry into the Nixon Administration and is credited with revealing the now-infamous White House taping system. It now emerges that Thompson actually tipped off Nixon's lawyer about the evidence he had uncovered.

The source for this is Thompson's own book, so he will have a hard time denying it. Along with his TV role on Law & Order, Thompson's Watergate involvement has a lot to do with his straight-shooter image. It appears the image is more than a little bit distorted.

If all you Fredheads out there want to continue backing this guy, I won't argue too much. He is certainly preferable to Giuliani as the GOP candidate. Just don't fool yourselves into thinking that Fred Thompson is a true-blue conservative. He's actually a lot like the tough-talking good ol' boy with a great pedigree but minimal leadership experience who currently occupies the Oval Office.

For people who are perfectly happy with Bush, Thompson is your guy. If you're not happy with Bush, then supporting Thompson is nuts. All you will get from him is more of the same.

Hat tips: Born at the Crest of the Empire, The Anti-Fred, and Faciamus!

UPDATE 7/8/07: The "desperate so-called conservative" referenced above has taken note of this post. I'm glad you found it useful. Keep reading Driving Out The Snakes and you will learn much more.

Meanwhile here is a good post explaining why these stories aren't simply the result of a news media desperate to take down someone they perceive to be a big threat.

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GUNZ said...

Is it possible Fred might actually be on to something??? IF this WAS true?

I wonder what he was truly thinking or trying to accomplish??

IF I had a crystal ball and being as PRO life as I am, I'd stuck a coat hanger in me to prevent the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Murtha, Cindy She-Beast, Rev Jackson, etc. From EVER taking the first breath of life.

Fred is so good he might just have that crystal ball. Never know.