Ncube Disappoints

Having said complimentary things about Zimbabwe Archbishop Ncube's resistance to President Mugabe, I was very disappointed to learn today that he has apparently been carrying on an affair with a married woman. Mugabe agents reportedly planted hidden cameras in the Archbishop's bedroom and have vivid evidence.

If true, this is very bad on a number of levels. First, the Archbishop is not being faithful to his priestly vow of celibacy. Second, he may have contributed to the breakup of another man's marriage. Third and perhaps most important, he has squandered the moral authority that he could have used to help relieve the hunger and suffering of his people. While there is no doubt that the Mugabe regime is perpatrating great evil, Archbishop Ncube's own sin now makes it much more difficult for him to speak out effectively.

It will be interesting to see how the Vatican responds to this news. Here is an interesting article about the ways in which the Catholic Church deals with wayward bishops.

Hat tip: Crunchy Con

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