Fred Thompson Rocks NH?

Fred Thompson got a decidedly cool reception in New Hampshire this weekend.

The former Tennessee senator with the baritone drawl showed up Thursday in New Hampshire, the site of the first primary voting, and gave a speech that lasted only nine minutes, skipping over hot-button issues such as Iraq and immigration to invoke platitudes about freedom and strength.

He left more than a few Republicans disappointed. more

The conservative blogosphere is still enraptured with Thompson, but I continue to think it is mainly due to disappointment with the other candidates. Practically anyone would be preferable to Giuliani or McCain, and Thompson may well prove to be the best we can hope for. So far, however, I see nothing to indicate he is the second coming of Ronald Reagan, to whom he is so frequently compared.

There is now at least one Anti-Fred blog, and my guess is that once he starts having to take actual positions on actual issues, rather than mouthing patriotic platitudes, his support will drop precipitously. My big question is his stance on abortion. There is a lot of ambiguity in his record and a few things that are downright disturbing.

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