Giuliani's Friends

It just keeps on getting better for Rudy Giuliani. Mayor Tough-On-Crime's campaign chairman in South Carolina, Thomas Ravenel, was indicted yesterday on cocaine distribution charges. Of course the Giuliani campaign denies all knowledge of Mr. Ravenel's illegal activities.

Now ask yourself this: if another candidate, say Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney, had a state chairman charged with drug felonies, would the Giuliani campaign just let it slide? I think not.

Margie Burns makes an interesting point:

But then, a mayor who could use Bernard Kerik as driver, bodyguard and general factotum ostensibly without noticing any of the apparent problems in that area could hardly be counted on to check into the backgrounds or alleged recreational substance abuse of his more remote political allies.

Right. But it's OK. You know we can count on Rudy to protect us from the terrorists.

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