Banned in Texas

I had a new experience today. After I posted a rather mild criticism of something Texas Fred said on his blog, he responded by calling me an ugly name and suggesting I direct my comments elsewhere. I tried to respond again and he has apparently banned me from leaving any more comments. I've never been banned before.

This is particularly odd because I agree with Fred on many issues and have quoted him several times. He's left comments here that were friendly enough. He is a self-described "conservative redneck" and tends toward colorful language on his blog. I also part company with him on some issues, and that's what happened today.

The subject of Fred's post was the ongoing mess in Iraq. I agree it is a mess and we need a different strategy. The problem I had was with this statement:

... this is not just a battle, it IS a war, and soon it will be a World War, and we will either defeat and erase Islam from the face of this earth or they will defeat and eradicate all Christians and Jews…

I might have taken this as exaggeration but he repeated the thought in a comment:

And I am quite serious in that statement too!

There are two problems with this. The first is ethical: war is hell and sometimes non-combatants will get in the line of fire and be killed. That is regrettable but accepted by civilized nations as long as we make reasonable efforts to avoid it. What isn't acceptable are attempts to wipe out entire populations without regard to their individual status. Suggestions that we "erase Islam from the face of this earth" are borderline genocide.

The other problem is more practical. Realistically speaking, it is simply not possible to kill every last Muslim. That's the point I raised on Fred's blog. Here is my comment:

Leaving aside the ethical considerations of such a genocide, is this really a workable plan? Even if we nuked all the major cities in Islamic countries, there would be many millions left. Exactly how are we supposed to get the rest of them? We can’t even find Osama to kill him, and that’s just one guy.

Call me a wussie if you like. I’m just being practical about it.

I was hoping to engage Fred and his readers in a conversation about ways we could accomplish the goal more effectively. Instead, he came back with this:

Tell me all that bull s*** when the sons a bitches are killing us, and you’re not a wussie, but it rhymes with wussie…

Why don’t you find you an nice, less than real American Conservative Redneck blog to comment at?? Do us ALL a favor…

Incidentally, Fred didn't use the s*** substitute, he spelled out the words. I pondered this for awhile then left the comment below. I've tried posting it twice and it won't stay online for more than a minute. I presume this means Fred has applied blocking software that deletes comments from me. For the record, here is what I said that Fred does not want you to see:

Fred, what did I say that is B.S. ? You offered an idea to resolve the Islam problem. I pointed out a possible flaw in your plan. I didn't advocate surrender. I didn't deny that we have a problem. I didn't call you any names. Yet rather than answer the questions I raised and maybe tell me why I'm wrong, you simply call me something that rhymes with wussie and tell me to get lost.

On my blog, I like it when people leave comments disagreeing with me. I engage with them and usually learn something from the exchange. Yes, I have core beliefs that aren’t going to change, but I don’t feel threatened if someone challenges me on them. In your case, I happen to agree with you on a lot of things. All I did was raise a tactical question about how to best achieve the goal, which we both share, of how to save the West from the Jihadists. So I really don’t understand why you responded with such anger.

I note you reserve the right to ban anyone who posts “libber BS.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but from your last comment it sounds like I am getting close to the line. It’s your blog and you can run it however you like, but I’m very surprised if you want to put me in that category. I’m a conservative, Christian, veteran, Texan, law-abiding, loyal American. I’m with you most of the time, especially about Bush, Iraq, and immigration. I really don’t think I said anything offensive.

If your position is that the only people who can leave comments are those who don’t question anything you say, then I guess I should leave. Even allies sometimes have to disagree. Even so, you will remain welcome to comment on my blog anytime you like. Cheers and thanks for the ride.

What makes this even stranger is that just a few days ago Fred took great offense when the moderator on another blog warned him about foul language. Most of his readers agreed the other blog could set its own standards but did not think the particular word was out of line. Fred still could not stand the thought that someone dared to question him.

I'm very open about comments on my blog. I don't get all that many of them but if someone wants to disagree, or post anonymously, I allow it. The only comments I've ever deleted were commercial spam that had nothing to do with the subject of the post.

Fred is certainly entitled to run his blog however he wants. If he doesn't want to read my comments, then it's his loss, not mine. Fred can comment here anytime and I'll discuss any issues that are on his mind.

UPDATE 6/27/07: Fred responded in the comments of this post. Click here to see what he says. Others have chimed in as well.

Today Fred also deleted Driving Out The Snakes from the Naked Bloggers blogroll which he oversees. A word of advice to those listed on his various blogrolls: don't say anything Fred doesn't like or he'll probably delete your blog as well. I had no idea he would be so vindictive.

Everyone please pray for Fred. He's saying things that make no sense, and all I can guess is that he is a deeply troubled person.


TexasFred said...

Only thing I hate worse than a Drama QUEEN is a LIAR, and YOU are both...

I NEVER called you anything, and the comment stands as testament to that fact...
TexasFred’s » Blog Archive » Iraq Bomber Strikes U.S.-Allied Sheiks

And I didn't threaten to ban you from anything, and you are NOT banned from anything, again you are a LIAR, or just doing the Drama Queen thing, I DID delete your DQ comment, my blog, my deletion, and I DID tell you to do us all a favor and find you a "nice, less than real American Conservative Redneck blog to comment at?? Do us ALL a favor… "

You ARE NOT banned, I NEVER threatened you or called you ANYTHING until now and I say it to you in your blog and will tell you to your face, YOU are a LIAR...

He is the exact comment I made to you:

"TexasFred Says:

June 26th, 2007 at 11:50 am
Patrick Says:
June 26th, 2007 at 10:46 am
Call me a wussie if you like. I’m just being practical about it.

(to which I replied)

Tell me all that bull shit when the sons a bitches are killing us, and you’re not a wussie, but it rhymes with wussie…

Why don’t you find you an nice, less than real American Conservative Redneck blog to comment at?? Do us ALL a favor… "

The full thing CAN be found HERE in it's entirety, unedited...

And if you think that the radical Muslims aren't going to do their very best to kill ALL of us, you're not just a Drama Queen and a LIAR, you're also a fool and it would be best if you stay away from my blog, as I will yours, but thanks for the link and a little bump in the blogosphere for my rankings, excuse me if I don't post a DQ cry baby on my blog and return the favor, and BTW, yes, go ahead and forward this to any and all, I don't give a damn WHO knows you're a liar and a Drama QUEEN...

TexasFred said...

And one other thing, this line from YOU:
"Suggestions that we "erase Islam from the face of this earth" are borderline genocide."

There is NOTHING borderline about it, it's called GENOCIDE, and I am ALL FOR it where radical Islam is concerned, we didn't START this war but it's wussies like you, your words, you said I could call you a wussie, it's WUSSIES like you that are going to get us killed, you came to my blog and chastised me for MY statement in MY blog, THAT was your error, you got deleted for it and now you cry like a baby...

So, why don't you just take that suggestion regarding finding you another blog to play in and we'll BOTH be happy...

Patrick said...

Fred - calm down and take your Ritalin. You aren't making sense.

First, I haven't lied about anything. In fact, I accurately quoted what we both said. I also linked back to your original post and all the comments so people can see the whole thing in context. If I had something to hide this was a strange way to do it, don't you think?

Second, you say I'm not banned from your blog. Yet you've deleted what I tried to say, and now you tell me "it would be best" if I "stay away" from your blog... but I'm not banned. OK, whatever. Let's see what you do the next time I try to leave a comment on your blog.

Your problem, Fred, is that you type much faster than you think. I think you'll enjoy life a lot more if you slow down a bit. Try it and you'll see.

Confuzzled said...

Fred, I know that you probably won't read this because you're too flustered to come back to this blog, but I'll take a shot at this. One of my brother's squadron mates in the Air Force Academy suggested something not unlike what you have, saying that we should recreate what "Black Jack" Pershing was said to have done in 1911, which was force Muslims to dig their own graves, then were tie them to poles. Pershing rubbed his bullets in Pig's fat and blood, and shot all the terrorists with said bullets so they could not enter heaven. All but one was shot and was allowed to flee to the terrorist camp and tell of the massacre. My brother denounced this as pure disdain for human life, and shrugged it off. The point of the matter is that, yes, radical Islam is a major problem in our world today, but we cannot take care of it in a fashion that would ruin our country's image, not just from other countries, but inside our own also, and then the current Republican leadership in the White House that is actually doing something to help the state of the world, would be booted out of office. This is not alright, because it would be replaced by Liberal leadership who would bail out of Iraq allowing said radical Islam followers to rebuild in strength, and your wonderful plan to commit mass genocide would simply cave in on itself.

Patrick said...

Welcome, confuzzled. Thanks for your thoughts.

I'm not as confident in the current administration as it sounds like you are, but your main point is on the mark. Resorting to mass slaughter of Muslims, as Fred suggests, would simply not have the desired result.

Note that this is true even if you have no moral qualms about waging a war of genocide. I do have such qualms, as did your brother at USAFA. His instincts were correct.

Feel free to come back anytime. You probably don't want to say this sort of thing on Fred's blog, or you will get the same treatment I did.

Jonathon said...

Fascinating exchange with Fred. He just exposed himself - quite the hypocrite. He is acting more like an irrational and emotional democrat vs. a conservative type of individual. Then again, he probably likes it that way, the redneck and insane part. Maybe he is just trying to get his blog ratings higher. I'd stay composed and rational when dealing with loose canons such as fred, and just deal with the facts - your effort regarding the tactical elements of "killing all muslims" was a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

I think fred must be bipolar or something. He doesn't understand what Patrick was saying and apparerntly doesn't want to. I agree we need to pray for him. He is obviously mentally ill.

Patrick said...

It's getting even stranger. I sent Fred this email yesterday ...

Hi Fred,

I noticed that Driving Out The Snakes is no longer listed on the Naked Bloggers blogroll.

After the comments you left last night I'm not surprised if you decided to remove me from the list. However before I make that presumption, I thought I would make sure it is not some kind of technical problem.

Thanks for everything and have a nice day.


To which he replied ...

Are you sure you wouldn't prefer to LEAD with a Drama Queen post that's founded in lies?? Seems to be the way you like to do business... How about losing my email address and staying away from me and my blog, I believe it would be best for ALL concerned, and yeah, go ahead and post his too, I know you like to air your dirty laundry...

I am going to presume this means "Yes" to my question.

Donald Douglas said...

Hi Patrick: I'm responding here to your comment on my blog about Texas Fred. He has the same repertoire with anyone who disagrees with him. He's got a short fuse, calls people "liar," and doesn't know what irrationalism means. He really is a redneck, in the most vile sense of the word. People like him are dangerous bullies, and you'd be well to stay away from him. You whipped him fair and square, in any case. He's not really worth the time or bother. I learned a lot from my experience, though, and even lost a few blogging friends because of it. Let it go and have fun. You're welcomed at my blog any time. I enjoy reasoned debate, and since Texas Fred's display of "conduct unbecoming," I'm not too worried about getting down and dirty with irate know-it-alls once in a while.

Take care!