Libby Goes To Jail

On Thursday the judge in Scooter Libby's perjury trial ruled he must go to prison immediately, rather than remain free pending appeals. Some conservatives are furious; the judge (who is a Bush appointee, incidentally) even said he has received threatening letters.

This leaves me puzzled. Back in 1998, conservatives and Republicans couldn't stop talking about what a terrible crime perjury is and how we must preserve the "rule of law." Whatever you think about Bush, Cheney, Iraq, etc., it is factually quite clear that Libby knowingly and intentionally lied to federal agents who were investigating the Valerie Plame leak. That's called perjury. It is a crime. Those who commit it should be punished. What is so hard to understand?

Once again, hypocrisy rules. Many of the same people who wanted Clinton impeached for perjury want Scooter Libby to get a pass. It's not going to happen, and the president does not seem inclined to issue a pardon. I wish the family could be spared this pain and humiliation, but justice must be served.

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