Take A Deep Breath

In the last few days Texas Fred has launched a graphical and rhetorical jihad against President Bush. It was precipitated by Bush's claim to personal ownership of the U.S. government along with his obstinate efforts to impose open borders on the country whether the legal residents want such a thing or not.

As far as I know, Fred has never been a big fan of Bush. So he doesn't mind saying things like this. Here's a sample of the fun.

And oh yeah, that oath you took, the one where you swore to defend this nation from ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic, you need to re-think that part of the equation too Mr. Bush, because AT THIS TIME, you Mr. Bush, and your cohorts in the Senate and Congress, the ones that support you in your effort to make the United States a northern province of Mexico, are as big a threat to the security of this nation as is ANY terrorist…

You Mr. Bush, are a TRAITOR to this nation and to the LEGAL citizens OF this nation and YOU are a disgrace to the office of President of the United States…

This quote is even better.
This man has lost his mind, his grip on reality and every time he opens his mouth he further endangers this nation in ways we have not yet begun to see…

John McCain is also in Fred's crosshair (idiot, traitor, liberal, etc).

I would probably have used somewhat less incendiary language, but Fred has his own style that I can't imitate. I'm in general agreement with the sentiments. As a political matter Fred is exactly right: this immigration bill means amnesty and open borders.

Bush, McCain and their henchpersons are apparently OK with amnesty and open borders, and they thought they could push the bill through before the rest of us noticed. What does this tell us? Two things. First, they are really evil. Second, they think the rest of us are really stupid.

Hopefully the Senate will soon kill this ill-considered legislation once and for all. Meanwhile I am worried about Texas Fred. I think his head may spin right off before Bush leaves office. We all need to help him relax. Any ideas? I'm not sure flowers would do the job. Maybe a Bush dartboard? A McCain punching bag? A really long book to read? Trip to France? Please do whatever you can.

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I drank a cold beer with one of my blogging partners today... I feel MUCH better... :)

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