Science Replaces Fatherhood

Via Jimmy Akin we get this wonderful news of scientific "progress."

British scientists are ready to turn female bone marrow into sperm, cutting men out of the process of creating life.

The breakthrough paves the way for lesbian couples to have children that are biologically their own.

Gay men could follow suit by using the technique to make eggs from male bone marrow. [more]

As I wrote here and here, I believe it is wrong to create a new life knowing that the child will be deprived of either a mother or a father. Children need parents of both genders. However, for gay and lesbian activists this is the Holy Grail. The one biological function that has so far resisted all attempts at perversion is finally within their grasp. The Brave New World is right around the corner.

Not being a scientist, I don't know if this "breakthrough" is as legitimate as the article makes it sound. I wonder what kind of abnormalities and mutations will emerge as a result of such engineering. Something tells me it won't be good.

It is odd that the same people who thing this sort of thing is just great also tend to be very concerned about the environment. Frequently they think the world is overpopulated as it is. Why, then, is it considered good to develop ways for previously infertile people to reproduce? By this logic, gay and lesbian couples are doing a noble thing by not having children.

The answer, I think, is that personal autonomy trumps all other concerns. If gays and lesbians want children, then by golly the world owes them a way to do it. It's the abortion principle in reverse. People who want to have sex without its natural consequence, pregnancy, need access to abortion so they can continue to enjoy themselves. It's all about us. It's never about the children who get to pay the price of our pleasure.

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