The Useful Dead VII

WARNING: This post may be sickening.

In previous installments of this series we discussed how dead humans are being used as organ donors, egg donors, cosmetic products, and museum displays. As if these aren't ghastly enough, the supposedly "developing" Chinese are reported to have taken the final step: cannibalism.

"New macabre manifestations of this conscienceless abortion mentality include the recent opening of five restaurants in the region of X, which began serving 'fetal soup' at the price of 300 Yuan (approximately $40) a bowl! Recent medical publications have praised the exceptional health benefits for the consuming of 'fetal remains' (this jargon allows them to overlook what this really is-unborn baby bodies). Therefore, local entrepreneurs jumped on the opportunity to distribute this new health breakthrough to the chosen few who could afford the price. So evil and scandalous is this fetal soup trade that the Government shut down the Web sites advertising the restaurants, in fear that they would scandalize the reputation of the People's Republic to outside countries and businesses. [source]

That's not all. Chinese women who are lucky enough not to be eaten before birth now face the risk of being married after death.
"Is it possible that the abortion holocaust and its rejection of life's sacred dignity has also contributed to the recent practice of 'ghost wives,' as recently reported in Chinese news sources? This is the practice of providing a woman's dead body to be buried with a deceased man so that the man will have company in the 'next life.' Distributors of the dead bodies of women found that men were willing to pay much more for a 'new' dead body of a woman, rather than one previously preserved. Murder of women from out-of-the-way places ensued to fill the new demand for the fresh ghost wives.

I haven't been able to find any other source for these ghastly stories. I sincerely hope they are not true. I would like to think that humans can't possibly sink so low.

But I know that we can.

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