This Blog Rated E!

Chelsea at Reflections of a Paralytic has kindly tagged Driving Out The Snakes with the Excellent Blog Award. Muchas Gracias! Chelsea, you're too kind.

I am now given the responsibility of tagging ten other blogs that I think should be rated E. Several of my favorites are already tagged so I won't mention them again. Here are ten you may not have seen. Check them out!

And Sometimes Tea
"Red Cardigan" is a home-schooling mom with some great thoughts about family and pro-life issues.

Ask Sister Mary Martha
This is one tough nun. She gives amusingly straight answers to all kinds of questions from all kinds of people.

Born at the Crest of the Empire
I don't know how many news sites Mike reads every day, but it's a lot of them. He aggregates interesting headlines, mainly on political and war-related subjects, and also publishes funny pics of the day.

Darwin Catholic
Darwin and MrsDarwin provide an interesting mix of theology, literature, economics and theology.

Defend Us In Battle
Jeff is a police officer and a recent Catholic convert. He has interesting and sometimes touching stories about crime, culture, and life in general.

Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!
(Don't worry, the rest of it is in English.) Father Philip is a Dominican friar and a professor at the University of Dallas. The blog has transcripts of his homilies, which are also available as a podcast. Listen to a few and you'll see why Dominicans are called the Order of Preachers.

Islam and Christianity
Abu Daoud is a Christian who lives in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Middle East. He talks in his blog about religious freedom, evangelism, and Islamic beliefs from the inside.

Another priestly blog. Father Erik is a pastor in Utah who likes guns, cartoons, and blowing up stuff.

Dr. Steven Taylor is a political science professor at Troy University. His comments on political events are always intelligent and aggravatingly logical.

The Way of the Fathers
Mike Aquilina offers all kinds of news and fun stuff about the early Church. His blog is a patristics gold mine.


chelsea said...

You are most welcome! Keep up the excellent work! I'll have to check out some of these other excellent blogs...after Lent :-)

Pauli said...

Mike Aquilina offers all kinds of news and fun stuff about the early Church. His blog is a patristics gold mine.

tru dat