Wife-Beating 101

We Americans may joke about what goes on in trailer parks, but for the most part we have a deep belief that men don't hit women. Period, end of story. We forget that not every culture feels this way. Below are two videos of imams explaining to Muslim men how to properly discipline their wives. It's remarkable how calmly they talk about a practice we Americans find abhorrent.

How widespread is wife-beating among Muslims? I can't find any hard statistics. Anecdotal evidence suggests it is common in certain places, rare in others. A Google search revealed several articles that deny the Koran orders or allows men to abuse their wives. This says otherwise. I don't know enough to say who is correct.

We should note that every religion has its fanatical wings - even Christianity. So it isn't surprising if there are some Muslims who are convinced Allah wants them to beat their wives, and others who are equally certain they should not. Islam doesn't have anything equivalent to a Pope who gives authoritative answers on such things.

Hat tip: StrategyPage via Voice in the Wilderness

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