Attack of the Gay Borg

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, our heroes were challenged by a robotic horde which would "assimilate" all the humans it captured into cyborg creatures. A similar effort is underway by homosexual groups right now.

Imagine this: your 14-year-old child, whom you have unwittingly sent to a public school, is forced to attend a gay indoctrination seminar where he is educated in homosexual behavior. Furthermore, your child is ordered to sign a confidentiality pledge promising not to tell you, his parents, about the experience. Sound crazy? It really happened in Deerfield, Illinois recently.

Meanwhile across the pond, the UK is beginning to educate children as young as 4 about homosexuality with fairy tales featuring, among other things, gay princes who fall in love with each other. A new law will make such brainwashing mandatory even in private, religious schools.

Adults aren't immune to this campaign, either. The two leading candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination fell all over each other this week trying to be first to say there is nothing immoral about homosexuality. Don't fool yourself - kids notice these things.

Clearly a concerted effort is underway not only to convince people that homosexuality is normal and okay, but to recruit new people into the gay lifestyle. It actually makes sense in a sort of Darwinian way. The urge to reproduce is hard-wired into humans. Gay people can't do it in the natural way, so if they want their subculture to survive they have to find converts. They are simply becoming more open about it now.

[Note: Homosexual people deserve the respect and rights due to any human. I understand that they may be born with this inclination. We are all born with evil tendencies of various kinds. The correct response is to resist them - not normalize them. And we should certainly not entice others to follow us in our immoral pursuits.]

If your goal is to recruit young people, schools are the natural place to start. I have thought for a long time that all the battles about prayer in school, evolution, posting the Ten Commandments in classrooms and the like are really a sideshow. Some conservatives ask questions like "what would George Washington say about this?" as if he would be on their side were he around today.

Actually, I think Washington's first question would be "why are you letting the government run your schools?" He didn't go to a public school. Nor did any of our other Founding Fathers because there were no public schools back then. Taxpayer-funded universal education came along later. You can thank guys like Horace Mann for the idea of public schools without any religious influence.

My point is this: if you choose to send your children into the arms of the State for their education, don't be surprised if they are taught some things you don't like, such as how to enjoy gay sex. You've signed away your right to influence their curriculum in exchange for free tuition. This is why liberals fight so hard against proposals for school choice or tax vouchers.

In Germany, parents who want to homeschool their children are losing their kids. There are those in the U.S. who would like to do the same thing. Don't expect them to stop trying. They know that the next generation is nothing less than a battleground in the culture war. So far, it is a war we are losing.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, so the author is saying that any child can be "recruited" into homosexuality via school sponsored "indoctrination" ceremonies. It’s kind of an odd view for a conservative to have really since it suggests that sexuality is nothing more a learned behavior that can be changed as easily as attending a seminar. While I have no doubt the author’s grasp of his own sexuality is this fragile, I can say as a hetro male, there is no gay seminar in the world that is going to make a straight guy want to have sex with another guy. Good luck Patrick, there’s no reason to be afraid of become gay: you are already.