An Agonizing Choice II

This story that I mentioned recently is still unfinished. Emilio remains alive and, with the help of various pro-life and disabled rights groups, has won a reprieve from having his life support turned off.

Upon further thought, this Texas law that allows hospitals to terminate life support whether the patient's family likes it or not probably should be reconsidered. What I haven't seen in the media reports is any indication that the baby has any chance of recovery. It sounds like even the mother accepts this - she simply wants him to continue receiving treatment until he dies. She believes he is aware and fighting for life, while physicians say he is comatose.

I don't have an answer to this dilemma, which is obviously very hard for everyone involved. What we can know is that God gave life to this child, and will take this life back when He is ready. Nothing any human can do will change that fact.

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