Birth Control Shocker

This shocking news hit the wires yesterday:

Millions of college students are suddenly facing sharply higher prices for birth control, prompting concerns among health officials that some will shift to less preferred contraceptives or stop using them altogether.

Prices for oral contraceptives, or birth control pills, are doubling and tripling at student health centers, the result of a complex change in the Medicaid rebate law that essentially ends an incentive for drug companies to provide deep discounts to colleges.

"It's a tremendous problem for our students because not every student has a platinum card," said Hugh Jessop, executive director of the health center at Indiana University.

There, he said, women are paying about $22 per month for prescriptions that cost $10 a few months ago. "Some of our students have two jobs, have children," Jessop said. "To increase this by 100 percent or more overnight, which is what happened, is a huge shock to them and to their system." MORE

Oh, boo hoo hoo. The poor sorority girls need another $12 a month so they can continue having sex without consequences. The horror! The injustice! How can this happen in America? We have rights!

Here's an idea, girls. Just avoid sex until you are prepared to have children. This is what women did for most of human history. It is 100% effective and costs nothing.

Alternately, if you just can't live without sex, you could ask for donations from your male partners to help defray the cost of birth control. $22 a month should be no problem. Simply ask each frat boy to insert a $5 bill into your pocket before he unzips your pants, and your birth control budget will be covered in no time. You may even turn a profit.

Given how many people in this country need expensive drugs just to survive, I'm not too surprised the government is placing a lower priority on college birth control. Why were they subsidizing it in the first place? What, it's in the Constitution, you say? "The right of the people to hook up with anyone, anytime, anyplace, shall not be infringed." I guess I missed that part. Sorry.

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