Sith Lord Cheney

Darth Cheney dares the Senate of the Republic to resist him and his Master.

Vice President Dick Cheney said in Birmingham on Monday that the Democratic-controlled Congress must learn there is only one commander in chief, and he lives in the White House.

Criticizing congressional resolutions supporting the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, Cheney said, "The fact is that the United States military answers to one commander in chief in the White House, not 535 commanders in chief on Capitol Hill.

"We expect the House and Senate to meet the needs of our military on time, in full and with no strings attached," Cheney told an audience of about 500 at The Club. Cheney was in Birmingham to address supporters of Sen. Jeff Sessions, who paid $1,000 each to eat lunch and hear the vice president. MORE

No strings? Congress is supposed to create strings. If their role is simply to give the Executive what he demands "on time, in full and with no strings attached," why do we need a Congress in the first place? Furthermore, who defines what are "the needs of our military" ? I think the Framers intended Congress to have some input.

No such formalities are acceptable to this administration, of course. Allow me to translate Cheney's demand: Attention senators: you must give Us what We demand. You are not permitted to question Us. Prepare the face the power of the Force.

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