Crucify Him

Today is Good Friday, the day our Lord was crucified. We often do not understand what an agonizing death this was. Click here to see for yourself.

For my sins, and yours, and everyone's, He took this punishment willingly. With one twitch of the finger, with one fleeting thought, He could have summoned forth legions of angels to take His broken body down from the cross. They were ready. Any one of those angels could have destroyed the Roman Empire a thousand times over. They were kept still.

He had the power to do anything; He could have stopped the pain. He did not. He suffered unspeakable agony, and then He died.

Unlike the crowd in Jerusalem shouting "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!," Christ was innocent. He did nothing wrong.

We are all part of that crowd. We all did this. We are all to blame. We all owe Him everything.

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