AG On Fire

As I keep saying, Albert Gonzales should resign as Attorney General immediately. His sad performance before a Senate committee yesterday may have been the last straw. Even Republican senators are saying he should step down. Gonzales is either incompetent or lying. In either case, he doesn't need to be heading up the "Justice" department.

Via Borowitz Report, here is a different perspective on the hearing yesterday.


Found on Chair in Senate Hearing Room

A smoldering pile of ashes found on a chair in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing room is believed to be the remains of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, officials confirmed today.

The smoking remnants, which appeared on the chair in which Mr. Gonzales had been seated during his testimony Thursday, have a “ninety percent chance” of being the Attorney General, a source close to the committee said.

“We’re going to have to wait for positive identification from the forensics people,” the source said. “But right now, all evidence points to that smoldering pile of ashes being Alberto.”

Mr. Gonzales’ day of testimony got off to a bumpy start as he displayed the memory lapses that have become his hallmark, including forgetting that he had an appointment with the Senate Judiciary Committee that day.

The Attorney General rushed into the hearing room two hours late, still wearing a pajama top, telling the senators that he had forgotten to set his clock radio.

As his testimony wore on, Mr. Gonzales repeatedly frustrated his Senate inquisitors by telling them that he could not recollect important meetings and conversations, prompting Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass) to interject, “Even when I’m on a bender I have a better memory than this.”

At the White House, President Bush gave Mr. Gonzales’ a vote of confidence, telling reporters, “I believe that Alberto can continue to be an effective Attorney General, even if he is a smoldering pile of ashes.”

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