A Liberal Who Loves Bush?

An article by Orson Scott Card is getting a lot of attention in conservative circles. Card, a liberal, fervently criticizes the Democrats for failing to back Bush on the war. He argues that all other issues pale in comparison to the importance of the War On Terror.

I found the article well-thought but ultimately unconvincing. Not that I want to give up in the war – far from it. There are things we should have done differently, but having started this endeavor the US has to finish it. What I can’t buy is the argument that the war is the only, or even the most important, issue we face today. It’s not. The core issue is Life. We in the West are destroying it, via abortion and contraception, at a rate that creates several new 9-11 body counts, every single day.

Look at the numbers. Dead soldiers in Iraq, victims of suicide bombers, those killed by Arab despots – all are terrible but they are not proportionate to the millions of children we have killed, a death toll that is accelerating. Even a terrorist nuke in a major city would not tilt the scales.

There is another connection. Military force will not win the war on terror. Pacifying Iran, Iraq and Syria may provide some temporary relief. It will not, however, eliminate radical Islam from the globe - and they are reproducing faster than we are. Ultimately, our disdain for unborn life will bring down our civilization by letting the enemy outnumber us. It is only a matter of time.

Is there a way out? Sure. The God who defeated Death itself can easily resolve our little quarrels. Unfortunately we are not seeking His help. When enough of us do, we may start to see some changes. Read the book of Job. It is now being repeated, on a global scale.

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