Terri's Day

Today is the third anniversary of the death of Terri Schindler Schiavo. Her family is calling it "Terri's Day" and asking people to remember what happened to her, and to help keep other defenseless people from facing the same fate.

Terri's death was, in my view, nothing less than premeditated, state-sanctioned murder. This was (and still is) a minority view among Americans, including American Christians. Their moral senses dulled by decades of culture rot, tepid preaching, and the unending demand for "tolerance," most people simply decided it was none of their business.

Guess what, folks: there's a good chance this sort of thing will be your business someday. Put these two facts together: 1) we have a health-care funding crisis that begs for a solution, and 2) we've established that it is OK to ease the burden of sick people by slowly and painfully starving them to death.

The answer is obvious, yes? So far, no politicians are saying it out loud. They will.

Join Terri's fight.

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