The Day He Died For You

Some Good Friday meditations:

Via Crucis slide show from Leticia
Physicians discuss Christ's death: at Mike Aquilina and Steve Ray
Virtual Stations of the Cross from Jerusalem
Wherein Lies The Kingdom? from Against the Grain
Leo the Great's Judgment Seat of the Lord, via Darth Beckman
Ubi Caritas video via Pauli
Hatred and the Chief of Sinners from Crunchy Con
The Passion from St. John, chanted in Latin

Finally, this video will bring you to tears - but you must watch it.


Leticia said...

Patrick, a Blessed Easter to you. I'm glad you liked the slide show. I have always appreciated the Latino Community's devotion to the Passion of Christ. My explanation is that they see their suffering reflected in those of Our Lord.

Patrick said...

Indeed. I think we need more of this public expression. It is a great tool of evangelism.