An Invitation Home

Watching this video moved me to tears. Here is a direct link to YouTube in case you don't see it below.

It comes from a group called Catholics Come Home which seeks to bring lapsed Catholics back into the Church. The narration is as powerful as the images. This line struck me:

"For centuries we have prayed for you, and our world, every hour of every day, whenever we celebrate the Mass..."

This is no exaggeration. Every minute of the day, Mass is being offered around the globe, and in each Mass the faithful pray that all the world will be brought to Christ. It is a profound and humbling thought. Centuries ago, people were praying for me. Did they know my name? No, but the God to whom they prayed does know me, and knows you. Because God exists outside of time, in a kind of eternal Now, He knew us a thousand years ago just as well as He knows us today. He knew by name every soul for whom those prayers were offered.

By God's grace these centuries of prayer were answered, and I was brought home. Like those who prayed for me decades and centuries ago, I'm praying for you - and for those who will come after us. God loves you and calls you, but because He loves you He gives you a choice. I pray you find your way Home.

(Hat tip to The Catholic Knight for posting this video.)

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