The Kindness of Pro-Choicers

From Gazizza I learned of this page illustrating the 2006 Walk For Life in San Francisco. That city - the namesake of which must be gnashing his teeth up in the clouds somewhere - is probably the most concentrated snake pit on our continent. The inhabitants certainly show no mercy to the brave few who dare to stand up for the unborn. Pro-life people are clearly not welcome in San Francisco.

The photos of the counter-demonstrators are both disturbing and revealing. Disturbing because most of us, whatever our political or moral disagreements, never have this level of vicious anger toward our neighbors. Revealing because for the 2007 event, Planned Parenthood supposedly refused to support the counter-demonstrators. They know this kind of bile doesn't help their cause.

Click here and prepare to be disgusted.

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Jennifer F. said...

Wow. Don't miss part II (link at the bottom).