Better Than Home Movies

If you are over about 35, think back your youth. Remember when people would go off on trips to exotic places, then return with stacks of slides and sometimes even grainy 8mm movies? (Note to Gen-X readers: these were actual movies, made with film - not hard drives, or DVD, or even videotape. Hard to believe, I know. The mere fact I have to explain this to you makes me feel really old.)

Now, of course, we have the benefit of digital cameras and camcorders. We also have the internet, and in the last year or so online video has matured into something usable by the masses. This convergence is about to revolutionize the whole experience of "travel."

Case in point: Jeff Cavins is currently leading a tour group of Americans in Israel. In years past, the families of those on such trips were left in the dark until the mandatory slide show took place. Things have changed. Jeff is posting a daily video diary of the places the group visits. So you can see grandma and grandpa checking out Nazareth in almost real time. I think this is very cool. The videos take some time to download, and a lot of it is just the tourists waving at the folks back home, but it's worth checking out. Links below.

A side benefit for trip sponsors like Jeff is that the pilgrims and their families probably feel a lot safer about going to this politically unstable region when they can see what is happening in this way. Happily, there is no sign of suicide bombers so far. The folks seem to be having a lot of fun and are visiting some interesting sites. I learned that Mt. Tabor, where the Transfiguration took place, looks a lot like Central Texas. I would love to go on a trip like this some day but I'm sure it is very expensive. Maybe if I wait long enough I can go there via virtual reality glasses or something.

Links to videos:
Israel Pilgrimage Day 1 & 2
Israel Pilgrimage Day 3 & 4
Israel Pilgrimage Day 5
Israel Pilgrimage Day 6
Israel Pilgrimage Day 7
Israel Pilgrimage Day 8
Israel Pilgrimage Day 9
Israel Pilgrimage Day 10

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