Mr. Angry & Ms. Calm

If you look at these two images while sitting in front of your monitor, you will see Mr. Angry on the left and Ms. Calm on the right.

Get up from your seat and move back about 12 feet, and they will switch places. Amazing, isn't it?

We've all heard you can't judge a book by its cover. Can we judge people by their expressions? Not always. Sometimes people who look outwardly calm are seething inside. Or they may be hurting, physically or emotionally. Men, especially, are taught in our culture to not show pain, yet hiding the pain does not make it go away. It's a good reason to be kind and loving with everyone we meet. We never know what turmoil they may be feeling inside.

Likewise, when we find ourselves face to face with Mr. Angry, it often helps to remember that he hasn't always been that way. He can change quickly. As in the picture, whether someone is angry or calm often depends on our own position in relation to them. Move closer or farther away, and much can change.

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