Bread & Circuses

In yesterday's post I linked to this video of Hillary Clinton in a Democratic debate. One of the comments on YouTube caught my eye. This was left by someone identified only as kkoolcat.

This is why the dems wont win in '08.
People don't care about social issues, we just want to know we are going to be protected at any cost. We just want to live and raise our kids and watch sports on TV. It is that simple, and they just don't get it.

I hope this was meant as some kind of joke. Could there be a more succinct statement of surrender to the nanny state? We just want to be protected at any cost. Really? Any cost? You want prisoners to be tortured, civilizations to crumble, soldiers to die so that you can watch sports on TV?

The sad thing is that people like this get to vote. There may well be enough of them to put somebody like Giuliani in the White House, because he seems on the surface like a guy who will "protect" us. He won't, because he can't, nor can any other president. Put not your trust in princes.

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Dymphna said...

Yes. The truth is Americans just want to go on with our selfish lives just as they are. At any cost. Take a walk over to your local abortion clinic and you'll see this in the flesh.