Make This Man President

I present a new presidential candidate for your consideration: Mr. Lee L. Mercer, Jr. His platform may be just what America needs. Here is his campaign theme:

The United States Government must regulate government sleepers and government regulations authorized thought, ideas, acts, actions, rights, wrongs, controversies, facts, issues and circumstantial evidence through intelligence research, law research, law enforcement research and criminal law research implementing ROTC communications research innovating education national and international.

Where does Mercer stand on the war? It's not real clear, but still makes as much sense as anything coming out of the Bush White House:
There is some concern about the war in Iraq. I know of U.S. government evidence that the war in Iraq is illegal and it can be solved through me representing the United States Government with a peace treaty. I know there are notations in my ROTC Biography of a guarantee from Iraq through me for peace to the war in Iraq and that Mr. Hussein is innocent of his charges.

Mercer's web site has much, much more. Check it out.

Hat tip: On The Other Foot

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