Civil Discourse in America

The video below (via Wingnuts & Moonbats) is rather chaotic but worth watching. Several women from an anti-war group called Code Pink were staging a protest about Iraq, only to draw the ire of what appear to be hundreds of counter-protesters. Some became belligerent, ripping up the Code Pink women's signs and screaming curses and insults in their faces.

Whatever else the impact of events like this, I think it safe to say no one's mind was changed. The counter-protest actually served to gather even more attention for Code Pink than their small numbers otherwise would have brought. The better strategy would have been to ignore them.

The pro-war protesters also forget what they are supposedly protecting. If, in fact, the purpose of the Iraq War is to defend our constitutional freedoms (which I doubt, but that's what many conservatives say), attempts to shut down opposing viewpoints are inconsistent with their goals. Freedom of assembly and freedom of speech apply to everyone, not just those with whom we agree.

Also, I have to say that I am turned off when I see people wearing bits and pieces of military camouflage in an attempt to look patriotic. It's just lame. I'm a veteran and I still have my old uniforms. I will treasure them always because they symbolize an important part of my life. Even so, I remember what I was taught: wear it right, or don't wear it at all. The uniform is a mark of military professionalism and unity. Using it to score political points is just wrong. If you want to wear camouflage again, find a recruiter and re-enlist.

If you don't see the video embedded below, click here.

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