Ron Paul on Life

Here is presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul speaking about the relationship between life and liberty. The video is about ten minutes long. You need to watch it.

Hat tip: Bro. Robin.


Donald Douglas said...

Can't watch the Paul video right now. Just stopped by to thank you for instigating a good debate over on my page. I don't know enough about GC to rebut your points - and I'm surprised at your reaction to the Marine's email - but I do think that rationally soldiers would be well to focus on eliminating the enemy before tending to wounded or taking prisoners.

Have a great day!

Patrick said...

Thanks. I left a clarifying comment on your thread this morning. I think we are really not that far apart.

BTW, if you liked this debate, wait until people start reacting to the comment I just left to your single motherhood post. I bet it will strike a nerve for some.

Donald Douglas said...

Hi: Okay, we can disagree a bit about double tapping and insurgents. Daniel's also from a military background, so I'm not sure who'll win that one. I don't know if I'd help any wounded before I cleared the area - which it seemed like you were arguing, but we can go back over the thread to be clear! Yet, if once immediate combat has ceased, your point about the requirement to assist those down sounds about right.

I'm going to go back and respond to your point about the single mothers.