Miss SC May Be Smarter Than We Think

The incoherent blonde who became the temporary Queen of YouTube this week may have the last laugh. I have long doubted the old saw that "all publicity is good publicity" but this incident may make me reconsider.

First a quick apology. This young lady has a name, which is Lauren Upton. While the women in these contests apparently don't mind objectifying themselves, they remain human and I should have regarded her as such and identified her by name. Mea culpa.

Ms. Upton parlayed her stumbling answer into an appearance on the Today Show, where she appeared reasonably intelligent and mature, along with a video feature on the People Magazine web site. It seems that she also has career ambitions and possesses an extensive and, ahem, compelling portfolio of model-type photographs. See an example here.

Given her unique gifts, it will not be at all surprising if Ms. Upton reaches a level of professional achievement far above her fellow beauty pagenat contestants, and indeed greater than most U.S. Americans, even those who can read maps. Let us hope that - unlike some buxom blondes - Lauren's success will be more than skin deep.

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