VP Joe

Okay, so I was wrong. Obama picked Joe Biden.

I actually kind of like Biden. Aside from his support for little things like, say, the legalized mass slaughter of unborn babies, Biden seems to be a nice guy. He's been around Washington a long time and will be able to provide some adult guidance in an Obama White House. Whether Obama will really listen to Biden is another question. I think probably not.

Religiously speaking, Biden is a contradiction in terms: pro-choice Catholic. The U.S. bishops have made crystal-clear that it is not possible to be both of these things. Having Biden on the ticket will re-ignite the whole politicians and communion issue for the rest of the campaign. Look for media stories about those bad old bishops who won't let good Catholics like Biden follow their conscience.

On a lighter note, it is Hollywood tradition for celebrity SuperCouples to merge their two names into one: Brangelina, Bennifer, TomKat, etc. What shall we call Barack Obama and Joe Biden? Here are a few ideas:

  • Jobama
  • Barjoe
  • Jarack
  • Babiden
  • Obiden
  • Bibama
  • Birack
  • Bamaden
  • Bidenack
Any others?

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Brandon said...

If Obama wanted to win the race, Biden didn't help him out. No doubt, John Edwards was his first choice. It's that whole lying-cheating-lovechild albatross that made Hussain consider other options.

But why Biden? He makes Obama look more like the kid Republicans paint him to be? Plus, the whole CHANGE mantra is weakened by picking a consummate Washington politician. Don't the Democrats know anything about selling a candidate?

This could be Obama's undoing.