Seven Babies, One Coffin

This post hurts.

The tiny coffin in the picture below contains the bodies of seven aborted babies. The remains were found in a garbage dumpster outside an abortion clinic in Michigan. The rescuers named them: Rachael, Joshua, Victoria, Adam, Mary, Jacob, and Grace.

We do not know why the parents of these babies decided to abort them. Maybe they had no choice. Maybe they were misled. Or maybe they knew exactly what they were doing. It doesn't matter. What we know is that seven of God's children had no chance at life. But thanks to some wonderful people, at least they had a proper burial. Here are pictures of the funeral mass in Detroit. (Note: the link had lots of photos so it may take time to download.)

Abortion clinics wish to avoid such spectacles so they normally incinerate the babies as "medical waste." Somehow these seven slipped through. They represent many more.

Take a good look at that picture. This is what "freedom" gives us. It is the result of "choice."
Rachael, Joshua, Victoria, Adam, Mary, Jacob, and Grace did not die from a disease. They were not killed in accidents. Their lives were taken from them. They had no choice.

Rest in peace, little ones.

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Leticia said...

What an upsetting, important post!
Thank you for reminding me why we fight this evil.